Eswatini Railways awards over E104.3m resettlement contracts 

An illustration depicting ESR CEO Dixon Dlamini and a train.

By Bahle Gama

The Eswatini Railway (ESR) has awarded six tenders worth over E104.3 million this month.

These tenders were all awarded to local Swati companies for the tender of building services for the resettlement of project-affected people in six areas around the country. These are Mlindazwe, Mbangave, Mphini, Ncabaneni, Ndinda and Zenukeni.

According to the Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ESPPRA) website, these were awarded per Section 54 (3) (b) of the Public Procurement Act No.7. 

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Each area has different lots which different companies were bidding for, in that some companies were awarded multiple times to offer their services in the different lots.

At Zenukeni, Lot 1 was awarded to Afrotim Construction for E4.6 million, Lot 2 to Nembeza Construction for E6.2 million and Lot 3 to LandPro Investments for E3.8 million.

At Mlindazwe Lot 1 was awarded to Roots Civils at E13.6 million and Lot 2 to LandPro at E3.7 million. Meanwhile, Mbangave has one Lot which was awarded to K Projects at E7.9 million.

Mphini has the highest number of plots which saw Roots Civils being awarded again for Lot 1 at E6.9 million, Boab Investment for Lot 2 at E8.9 million, Lot 3 to Mkhaondlo Construction at E5.9 million, Lot 4 to Francolin Investment at E14.9 million and Lot 5 and Homeboyz Construction at E4.2 million.

Lastly was Ndinda, which has two Lots which were each awarded to Mkokota Developers at E3.8 million and Hancy Construction at E4.9 million.

Table breakdown of Tenders

Area/LotCompany awardedTender value
Mphini –  Lot 1Lot 2Lot 3Lot 4Lot 5Roots CivilsBoab InvestmentMkhaondlo ConstructionFrancolin InvestmentHomeboyz ConstructionE6.9 millionE8.9 millionE5.9 millionE14.9 millionE4.2 million
Zenukeni -Lot 1Lot 2Lot 3Afrotim ConstructionNembeza ConstructionLandPro InvestmentE4.6 millionE6.2 millionE3.8 million
Mlindazwe- Lot 1Lot 2Roots CivilsLandPro InvestmentE13.6 millionE3.7 million
Ncabaneni – Lot 1Lot 2Ubanzi ProjectAfrotim ConstructionE7.1 millionE7.2 million
Ndinda – Lot 1Lot 2Mkokota DevelopersHancy ConstructionE3.8 millionE4.9 million
Mbangave – Lot 1K ProjectsE7.9 million
A table showing the tenders and the amounts.

ESWADE records second highest tenders awarded

The Eswatini Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (ESWADE) has the second highest amount of tenders awarded this month at over E59.4 million after Eswatini Railway’s over E104 million worth of tenders.

  • ESWADE was followed by Pigs Peak Town Council at E18.9 million
  • Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM) at E11.3 million
  • Eswatini Water Service Corporation (EWSC) at E2.1 million
  • Eswatini Fincorp at E1.2 million
  • Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) at E1.6 million
  • Matsapha Town Council at E1.9 million
  • RENAC at E670 199.56 
  • Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC)at E450 000 amongst others.

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ESWADE Tenders

ESWADE awarded tenders for the construction of agricultural water development works at KaPhunga, Ndushulweni and Mgambeni. For KaPhunga Ultra Electrical was awarded E32.8 million whilst Irrigation for Africa was awarded a tender worth E24.7 million for Ndushulweni. 

There was no tenderer for Mgambeni, all applicants failed and ESWADE will have to re-open tender applications. A tender valued at E896 683.98 was awarded to Heathway Investment for the supply and delivery of a 10-bar diesel air compressor and an industrial vacuum cleaner. 

For the partitioning of the LUSIP II project office at Ndzevane, an E389 491.67 tender was awarded to SKN CAPTIAL, whilst an E340 500 tender was awarded to Watts Up Solar for the installation of an 11KW solar PV plant for Lesibovu potable water supply scheme. 

Lastly, it was the consultancy services for the revision and alignment of the ESWADE policies tender which was awarded to I-Smart Business Solutions at E145 000. Meanwhile, Pigg’s Peak’s E18.9 million tender was awarded to Stefanutti Stocks for the construction of Mortuary Roads one and two.

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