BIG BROTHER TITBITS: A week of broken hearts and a frustrating great divide!

Maya (Marvin and Yaya) were evicted from the Big Brother House

By Ntombi Mhlongo

The eventual eviction of Maya (Marvin and Yaya) summed up what has been a week of broken hearts. 

Yes, a lot of viewers were heartbroken by the eviction, especially Yaya’s side but the real heartbreak had manifested itself inside the house.

Most of the female housemates have a story to tell about moments that broke their hearts. Blue displayed her heartbreak when she asked if Yemi had been using her.


Instead of giving her a straight answer, Yemi said, “I do not want to hurt you, but now I am in between. After this conversation if you do not want to talk to me again it is fine. I know we will have a great connection outside here”.

Yemi used the excuse that Blue was not being honest as he was with Baqboi today and then with Marvin the following day and tells them different things.

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Trying to prove that she was not being dishonest with Yemi, Blue committed that she would kiss him in front of them but instead of winning Yemi’s heart with those words, the opposite happened.

Yemi just said, “I think you and I should be cordial for now. I like you but I don’t feel I can be with you and still be with her. It is okay if you want to be with other guys”.

In the dating game, those words by Yemi mean just one thing-the relationship is over! Being the playboy that he is, Yemi, as has been the case since the show started, caused another heartbreak for Khosi and this led to a point where he was even called out by Ebuka during the live show.


The truth came out that Yemi leaves Khosi’s bed around 2 am every night to be with Blue. It was not surprising that after the live show, Yemi was seen comforting Khosi who could not be blamed for weeping over what had just unfolded.

Still on Khosi, at some point, she looked like she was inviting another heartbreak as she seemed confused about what exactly she wanted with Thabang. 

At one point she said Thabang had not said that he likes her but then she had confided to him that when Yemi talked to her she did not hear a thing as she had her eyes on him (Thabang). 

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Meanwhile, credit should be given where it is due. Well done to Nana for all the hard work she put in. she won the Head of House with her partner, and the following day they both won the Flutterwave task. 

Her next victory was winning the wager under the reign and as if that was not enough, she won the Friday arena games. Perhaps the biggest moment was the new task of ‘divide’ where the housemates of the opposite gender were not allowed to interact. Only male and female representatives could interact.

This meant that housemates had to change their sleeping habits, with females in one room and males in another and zero communication.

As expected, it frustrated them and when it was finally over, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

Other highlights

*Th eco-host of the Big Brother Titans show, Ebuka, had the viewers stunned when he announced that he will not host the next eviction show. As the viewers were asking themselves about the reason, he then revealed that he will be back home in Nigeria as the country will be holding the 2023 presidential elections. 

*We witnessed yet another heartbreak and this time, it was Nelisa who suddenly burst into tears after Thabang told her that he is just playing a game and does not like her the way she loves him. Interestingly, this happened after he had already kissed her and when she came back from the bathroom to calm herself, she was welcomed by the sight of him hugging Khosi on the bed.

*There was a cosy moment between Miracle and Ipeleng. She was seemingly impressed with him and couldn’t stop praising him for smelling good. He also showed her some love by saying she had a big, beautiful hand which to him meant that she had big love.

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