BIG BROTHER TITBITS: Eviction kills the romance and restores focus!

By Ntombi Mhlongo

If there is one thing that was learned during the second evictions, then it is the fact that these paired evictions have the potential to do two things-killing the romance that has been built between some of the housemates and restoring focus.

The pair of Jaypee and Lukay (Jaykay) were evicted from the Big Brother Titans show after they secured the least votes among the five pairs who were nominated for eviction.

With them having been unceremoniously evicted last week, a growing romance between Lukay and another housemate, Ipeleng, was killed. 

So yes, we will not see the super couple anymore. No more Adam and Eve in the garden! The positive, we can all hope as viewers, is that this will help Ipeleng focus on the game and push hard towards winning the money. 

Unless of course she decided to fall for another housemate but this is her chance. She can truly shine and play the game even though some viewers may argue that it is too little too late. Better late than never! Still on the evictions, this time they unleashed the goddess that South African housemate Khosi is.

Here is a woman whom many have labelled as not so cute and just a confused lass who does not even know which man in the house she wants. Her haters had predicted and voted, that she would be evicted.

Even her so-called on-and-off baby, Yemi, openly told another housemate that he wanted her to leave but she proved to be strong and with a well-timed strategy.

Still on Yemi, soon the viewers will get tired of his playboy tendencies especially when he openly hurts Khosi. He had a crazy conversation with Cregx regarding his ‘situationship’ with Khosi and Blue where he said, “Blue just wants my time and attention. Khosi’s problem is over-possessiveness. She wants everything. She doesn’t know I’m like this because I want to be like this. Maybe when I start ignoring her reactions she will calm down”.

His words sounded like those of a confused player because he is there to always assure Khosi that they are together but he fails to tell Blue that.

The truth is, Blue will not back off if he (Yemi) does not tell her straight in the face that his heart is with Khosi.

Other Highlights 

*While we all like the good chats between Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva, it was surprising that he kept telling her about how Marvin and others keep talking about him. “I meet them talking about me in the closet, when I got there, they all got quiet,” he said. He should just stomach the fact that inside that house, the housemates are bound to talk about one another. It is part of the game!

*Miracle OP decided to play the old trick when it comes to trying your luck with a woman. He asked Khosi, “Why don’t you leave a man that is disrespecting you and go for the one who respects you?”. Interestingly, Khosi did not take it well when Miracle said he would not wait for her. I guess she just wants him to be a tail after her.

*Khosi made the biggest request to Yemi saying he should promise her that he will not sleep in any girl’s bed once she leaves the house. In all honesty, she was just blowing hot air because she knows deep down what will happen the moment she gets evicted.

*Marvin showed his other side when he openly displayed that he had grown some hatred for Kanaga Jnr. The latter’s only sin was nominating him. To Marvin, dude this is a game, it is either you play or get played, so take a chill pill!

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