Big Zulu, Sjava set for once-off collaboration

Artists Sjava and Big Zulu

By Phephile Motau

Two of South Africa’s most loved entertainers Sjava and Big Zulu will give music lovers a treat in their once-off collaboration.
The pair have announced a collaboration known as ‘Inkabi Zezwe’ with a single slated for March 24 and an album in May with Warner Music Africa (WMA), according to Trace.

The duo is set to release the first single titled ‘Umbayimbayi’. It was reported that the collaboration with WMA on this project has been well in the works and marks a new horizon for both the label and the artists. WMA, MD Temi Adeniji recalls: “This idea started to percolate of bringing Sjava and Big Zulu together for a one-time project. We wanted to do something really, special. Things didn’t immediately fall into place – meeting after meeting, putting all the pieces together, and coming up with a structure that worked for all parties.”

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Adeniji reportedly said after a few months, they met and it was like everything clicked. “For me, this project signifies so much. It’s the first really big project Warner has done since I came in and given our intention to transform our business and bring it to the centre of the culture here in the country, it couldn’t be more perfect in my opinion”.

“As much as it may seem like an unexpected collaboration, it also feels so natural. It just makes sense considering who, what, and where both artists represent. An unsurprising surprise. I am really excited to witness how South Africa responds to this project,” 1020 Cartel Co-Director, Nothando Migogo said.

“When our ancestors speak our duty is to listen and respond. This collaboration was orchestrated in the spiritual realm. It was supposed to happen and to give healing to our people,” Migogo is reported to have said.

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