ESA responds to brown sugar concerns

The quality of brown sugar in Eswatini has come under scrutiny with consumers complaining. Picture: Pexels.

By Khulile Thwala

The Eswatini Sugar Association (ESA) has come out to address public concerns about its brown sugar product. The association assured emaSwati that they took seriously the concerns raised by members of the public and duly apologised for the unfortunate experience of consumers.

According to ESA, there have been emerging concerns relating to the quality of brown sugar obtained from local shop shelves lately. The company states that it, along with the wider sugar industry, take takes extreme pride in the quality of sugar it produces and supplies.

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“Regardless of the brand, almost all sugar sold locally originates from ESA,” the company highlighted.

Furthermore, ESA mentioned that they were aware that in the past season, a small batch of brown sugar produced was high in colour and contained higher-than-normal levels of ‘residue’.

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“We assure consumers that the sugar is in adherence to food safety standard FSSC 22000 and within the international specification for
brown sugar. It is safe for consumption and not harmful to the consumer,” stated the sugar association.

The company further committed to working with stakeholders in ensuring the production and supply of good quality sugar that emaSwati and international customers are accustomed to.

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