Spin Festival To Create 110 Jobs, Attract 3 000 Revellers

By: Bahle Gama

The return of the Swazi Spin Festival is projected to give the same results as the last by bringing in about 3 000 people from within and outside the country and create temporary jobs for emaSwati.

POSITIVE SPIN-OFFS: The Spin Festival which will be held on October 29 at the Mavuso Trade
Centre will see 29 car spinners partaking, 13 from South Africa and 16 from Eswatini

The event which will be held on October 29 at the Mavuso Trade Centre will see 29 car spinners partaking, 13 from South Africa and 16 from Eswatini. One of the event organisers Godfred Exalto said they are excited that the event is making a comeback after Covid-19, as they last hosted it in 2018. He stated that in the past, they had observed many economic spill-offs of the event to other business sectors, especially businesses surrounding the Mavuso Exhibition Centre and those in the central business district (CBD). Business sectors that would benefit from the upcoming entertainment event include but are not limited to roadside vendors, transport, fuel retailers, lodges, and hotels. Another positive ripple effect of the event would be the creation of about 110 direct temporary jobs from organising and post-show cleaning up. These are made up of hosting member crew, security, and casual employees for promotion, set up, and dismantlement.

“The hospitality industry stands to benefit as well as in the past we have seen the show taking about 25 hotel rooms directly and other travelling spectators from Mozambique and South Africa occupying hotels, lodges, and guest houses,” he said. Vendors also stand to benefit as they are allowed to display and sell their wares inside and outside of the precinct. “Companies also use the event to showcase their products and services, which is something

we are calling for even this year because it will be a huge event,” he said. He added that hosting shows such as this upcoming one allowed international hosts to identify and invite local talents to their events outside the country. In terms of security, Exalto stated that the venue provided a safe skid pan with a concrete retaining wall for public safety and there are spectator stands with fencing to ensure only racers are inside the spinning area. “There are areas provided for emergency services and paramedics. Various other services are provided on the day to ensure that the public is safe and comfortable, like the provision of mobile abolitions.

We are proud to highlight that since the first spinning show in the country, there has been no reported accident, neither public nor performer injury while hosting a show at the facility. In any event hosted, the organising team, to ensure safety and security adheres to the best events safety and security measures, borrowing from best practices in motorsport and general event,” he said.

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