BIG BROTHER TITBITS:  Lover boy has gone, a blow to three ships!

Yemi and Khosi. Khosi said Yemi had become a changed guy and that she was hurt that she will never hear Big Brother call his name again.

By Ntombi Mhlongo

The first double eviction is undoubtedly one of the biggest shocks the Big Brother Titans viewers have experienced ever since the show started.

No one saw it coming or even imagined the chaos it would cause to three relationships that we had grown to love.

The eviction of Yemi must be one of the greatest fall-offs in Big Brother history especially because most viewers had already taunted him as a contender for the main prize.

Also, with it having been the first eviction in which four housemates had to leave, it brought about a totally confusing situation inside the house.

It left Nelisa wondering what might happen between Thabang and Khosi now that she (Nelisa) and Yemi are out of the house. 


No one would blame her as she and Thabang had developed their own romance while Yemi and Khosi continued with their merry-go-round with the latter sometimes showing more affection for Thabang.

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It also had Khosi expressing her views to Yemi’s biggest enemy, Miracle, with who they have fought countless times. Khosi said to Miracle, “I know you are happy deep down that Yemi was evicted. You always wanted him out of this house”.

In response, Miracle said, “No, I am not happy that he has been evicted and I did not change names during the evictions”. During the conversation, Khosi started crying as she described how Yemi had become a changed guy and that she was hurt that she will never hear Big Brother call his name again.

In jest Miracle said, “Do not worry, I will be calling his name like Big Brother just to make you happy”. In all honesty, the eviction of Yemi is good for the show. While he somehow deserved to go at least up to the Top 5, his presence was causing chaos in the house.


Besides being the charmer and driving most of the ladies crazy, his relationship with Khosi was causing beef between the Nigerian and South African viewers something that should not be promoted.

Many times Yemi’s fans were body shaming Khosi and it became obvious that the fans of the couple did not form an alliance as one would have expected.

Also, Yemi’s eviction perhaps put an end to her confusion about what exactly she wanted to be with Thabang. It allowed her to show a clear line to Thabang because many times she had shown suggestions and innuendos but still they could not come out in the open.

Regarding the other pair that was evicted, it was the biggest heartbreak for Yvonne as Juicy Jay was her romantic interest on the show while Olivia was her BFF.


*Khosi finally broke her silence to Yemi regarding that fateful night when Ebuka made the expose that she wasn’t completely honest with him. She said, “I was so scared. I was really scared because I thought I was going to lose you, I thought you would leave me for Blue Aiva”. 

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Being the gentle lover boy that he is, Yemi told her that he decided to let it go because he felt she deserved a second chance. After all, she had given him a second chance.

*Thabang has a way of making Khosi melt. They had a moment when he told her that she needed to calm down as he could see that she was stressed. In response, Khosi denied that she was stressed. 

In his ever-sweet voice, Thabang said, “I am just saying that I’ve been looking at you and I am proud of you”.

*Blue Aiva finally came to her senses regarding Yemi. He told her straight in the face that he should leave her alone as she no longer wanted his issues. She made it clear that she was tired of being nominated almost every week all because they were fighting her over him. 

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