Davido releases ‘Timeless’ album to commemorate son, heal

Nigerian Singer Davido's new album
Nigerian Singer Davido’s new album

By Bahle Gama

Nigerian afrobeat singer and songwriter Davido says he is back and has released a 17-track album titled ‘Timeless’.

After the tragic loss of his three-year-old son Ifeanyi, in November 2022 Davido took a break from the public to deal with the incident. The newly released album according to Davido is his way of declaring that he is healing and ready to stand up again.

Speaking to CNN, Davido stated that the title of the album is a manifestation of his goal for it to remain a classic for decades.

“I know in years to come, if you interview me, we are still going to talk about this album,” he said.

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“Timeless” features multiple artists including British Nigerian rapper Skepta, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Angélique Kidjo and Jamaican performer Dexta Daps. He stated that the album explores multiple sub-genres of music including Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Dancehall, and the mix of sounds was to ensure that anyone who listens has a song that suits their tastes.


Davido mentioned that every time he plays the album for a person, there are two or three tracks they like personally which they can take home with, which he said “I feel that’s how an album should be.”

Having ventured into music in 2011, Davido has earned dozens of awards and nominations, inside and outside of Africa. He has also sold out shows at London’s O2 Arena and closed for the 2022 World Cup. Before Timeless, Davido stated that he had not put out an album in almost three years.

“And I feel like the world needs that Davido energy. I want them to feel a breath of fresh air when they listen to the album and I hope the new tracks will appease my fans who have missed me,” he said.

‘Timeless’ according to Davido will have some of the goofy and fun energy his fans are familiar with, adding that before settling on the final version, the album went through at least three different phases. And while there are tracks with a lot of high energy and good vibes, Davido said grieving the loss of his son had some impact on the project.

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“Before my son passed, we had finished the album. But it was a tragic situation and I really had to calm myself down and take a step back,” Davido explained.

He elaborated that listeners will hear a couple of songs that might take them back into some emotions, “and you will definitely hear me talk about a couple of things I’ve been through personally.”


Davido further credits his return to the overwhelming amount of support he received from family, friends, fans, and well-wishers.

“At some point, I couldn’t open my Instagram for weeks. One day, I just checked it and I saw messages from every kind of person in the world. I was like ‘You’re fine, you see everybody is rooting for you.’ That was one thing that really made me strong enough to stand up again, get back in the studio, and do what I love,” Davido told CNN.

Having made a full return, the singer says his goal is for him and his team to continue making music that resonates with people.

“That’s what we’re here to do, that’s what we were brought to do in this world. I’m just ready to get back, I’m ready to just go back on the road. A lot of things are going to be different.”

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