Spotify playlist is !Sooks springboard to fame

Artist !Sooks

By Bahle Gama

!Sooks is looking forward to seeing his music featured in more playlists globally. This, he said during an interview when he was speaking about his new single titled “Cry me a river” which is featured in South Africa Deep House Spotify playlist.

Original name Sukoluhle Dlamini, !Sooks currently resides in South Africa where he is pursuing a degree in sound engineering while also focusing on his music career. !Sooks said having his music put on Spotify was humbling and motivating to him.

“Being in the Spotify playlist feels good because it is the first time for me,” he said.
He disclosed that this was not the first playlist his music has been on, as it has been on a defective playlist recognized worldwide, has been on Apple Music in Afrohouse nation playlist, Isgubhu, and new music daily.

“Being on another playlist like Spotify is really dope, and I knew the song was going to be ok because the concept for it was basically for the dancefloor,” he said.

!Sooks stated that most of his previous songs had not been for club consumption, however, he felt the need to switch it up this year.

“It has been great songs but this year I felt the need to make more songs to be played in clubs by DJs, which results in people to Shazam and in turn ending up in my catalogue on Spotify and Apple Music. That allows for retention in the music,” he said.

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He added that he was nervous at first when he switched up from the music, he normally makes adding that, “the song is growing gradually, and I’m excited about that. The feedback has also been phenomenal, and I look forward to making more music.”

In response to what his lifelong dream is when it comes to his craft, he stated that it is to see his music make it to the top charts globally.
“There is no artist in the world that can say they aren’t looking forward to their music making it to the charts. So, I am looking forward to my music making it to as many playlists globally,” he said.

In Eswatini, !Sooks has collaborated with Velemseni on a hit song titled ‘Musa’ which was featured in the Eswatini Top 20 Charts in August 2022 in the Eswatini Broadcasting and Information Services (EBIS).

In SA he has featured in shows like World without end established by Julian Gomez which also featured the likes of Deep House DJ Jimpster from the United Kingdom, Vinny da Vinci, SA DJ and radio host Kid Fonque and Gomez himself.

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