Big Brother Tit Bits: Road to the finale

Ipeleng and Ebubu.

By Ntombi Mhlongo

It is only a few days to the finale and all eyes were on Ipeleng who had by far the biggest assignment any housemate has ever had.

She had to make a big decision on which housemate will gain a free entry into the finale with her. Put simply, Ipeleng had to use her veto power to save any housemate from the nominations and automatically make that housemate a finalist in the finale.

With the show being one of the shockers, she chose Ebubu and both the viewers and housemates could not believe it. It was a difficult choice to make but she had her reasons.

Speaking to BlaqBoi, Ipeleng confessed that her move was strategic because she did not want to be the first to be evicted during the finale and that was why she picked Ebubu.


“I picked Ebubu because he will be among the first housemates to be evicted that day. I believe with this move, I will be among the top three housemates,” she said.

With the road to the finale already begun, it appears that the battle will be between Khosi and Ipeleng and there are many reasons why.

For Khosi, she does deserve to take the big prize home because she has proven that she is the most powerful female this season.

Her ‘situationship’ with Yemi from the moment the housemates entered the house has had viewers glued to the show and she proved her prowess by surviving eviction over five times.

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With Ipeleng, she does deserve the main prize because ever since the departure of Ipeleng, she did herself justice by refreshing her game and becoming more vibey inside the house.

In the past few days, she has managed to stand out and show her own uniqueness and that is exactly what will make the viewers vote for her.


Also, interesting to watch in the past few days has been life without Yemi, especially on Khosi. One would have expected that she will try to get even closer and romantic with Thabang but well, it looks like every housemate is now facing the reality that after all, this is a game and soon they will go their separate ways. The past few days things have just been awkward between Thabang and Khosi.

At some point, Khosi was chatting with Miracle OP and said she couldn’t believe she stressed Yemi Cregx over Thabang as he is a baby and can’t handle her.

He must have realised that Khosi was not really into him as he said to her, “I know you did not really like me. You just enjoyed the excitement that came along with spending time with me, you just enjoyed being sneaky. One thing about me is that I do not like being taken for granted”.

Other Highlights

*After the party, there was an interesting conversation between Ipeleng and Miracle. Ipeleng opened up to Miracle and apologised that they can’t date her as her heart is with someone else. She said, “Allow the next person to take over your heart. Me and you can never happen. You will find someone who cares about you but that person is not Ipeleng”.

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*One thing that has made Khosi a darling to many viewers on the African continent is her confidence. She is so confident that she even knows what role she has played in making other housemates relevant. Talking to Thabang she said, “I was the one making Yemi and Blue Aiva relevant. If I had removed myself from the equation, they would have been nothing. I also told Yemi that if I decide to leave him with Blue Aiva, their relationship will not last two days”.

*Tsotsi is not the only one who feels that Miracle OP is a problem in the house. She made it known by asking him when he is leaving the house. At first, it looked like she was asking in jest but she told him in the face that he is a fake housemate and that she was not joking.

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