‘Well-established construction companies must pay reduced tax’

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By Ntombi Mhlongo

Well-established companies that have assisted the government in infrastructure development and other services should pay reduced tax fees.

This is a call that has been made by some Members of Parliament.

The companies they referred to are those which have for years been involved in the construction of major roads, bridges, schools, and houses for the elderly and even donated to sports in the country.

“We have companies in the country which have for years assisted the government in undertaking capital projects like the construction of roads, bridges, houses for the elderly and even contributed to sports, 

What programme does the government have to assist those businesses when it comes to the payment of taxes? My request would be that those businesses who help the country, especially on infrastructure, sports and other sectors, there should be a way of ensuring that they pay reduced tax,” one of the MPs said.

The argument by the MPs is that there are investors who have been in the country for more than 20 years, hired thousands of emaSwati and have the wish to expand their investments.

They suggested that besides offering them reduced tax, the government should have a programme that will guarantee such investors capital in the event they want to expand.

The MPs also decried that foreign direct investors were pampered too much at the expense of locals yet their paid emaSwati meagre salaries.

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