Embiveni boosts its competitiveness, spreads its wings to Nhlangano

Inyatsi Group Board of Directors, Chairman Michelo Shakantu, Sydney Sichula, Paul Lwiindi and Derrick Shiba.

By Sibusiso Nyawo and Ncaba Ntshakala

Eswatini Meat Industries (EMI) has expanded and opened its third shop apart from its factory in Matsapha. Embiveni Meats shop was opened in Nhlangano and was met with great excitement and happiness among the Nhlangano folks. EMI’s expansion efforts, which now includes this additional shop alongside their existing ones across the country, have been nothing short of remarkable since the acquisition by Inyatsi Group Holdings.

The people of Nhlangano gathered in droves, eagerly awaiting the doors to open and experience first hand what EMI had to offer. As the opening time drew near it was hive of activity, outside the shop was filled with a bustling crowd, expressing their enthusiasm through animated conversations and contagious energy. The anticipation was palpable as people eagerly awaited their turn to enter the new shop. Inside, the atmosphere was electric.

The shop buzzed with activity, filled with the lively chatter of delighted customers. Nosipho Shongwe, EMI Senior Manager expressed that they had to open earlier than expected due to the people who were eager to access what EMI brought. According to Shongwe, the people were very excited as before the opening there were murmurs echoeing through the aisles as people explored the vast array of high-quality meat products on display, their faces lighting up with each discovery.

Inyatsi Chairman Michelo Shakantu (Centre) and Inyatsi Construction CEO Derrick Shiba purchasing some of the products on offer.

Once opened, the shop quickly became a hive of activity, with customers lining up, their baskets overflowing with EMI’s renowned brand products and cuts of meat. Laughter and conversations filled the air as people excitedly shared their favourite products and exchanged recommendations. The sense of community was evident as neighbours and friends bumped into each other, exchanging warm greetings and discussing their newfound excitement for the new EMI shop. The shop served as a meeting point, where members of the community came together to celebrate this significant addition to their town.

Sanele Mpanza, a shopper expressed that the opening of the EMI shop in Nhlangano created a vibrant and packed scene that reflected the genuine excitement and enthusiasm of the people. Their anticipation and eagerness to support and enjoy the offerings of EMI were emblematic of the positive impact the company has had on the community. Shongwe said that the arrival of the EMI shop in Nhlangano will bring convenience and a wide variety of high-quality meat products to the residents of the town and its surrounding areas.

Shongwe said that previously, accessing EMI’s products required travelling to the Embiveni factory or retail stores where the prices have been marked up, but now, locals will easily indulge in their favourite cuts of meat without the need for long journeys and transport costs. She also said that this is more like a depot since it will have everything emaSwati might need. Again, Shongwe viewed that the shop will provide conveniences to local business people and also individuals. She also expressed that this is the third shop after Manzini Meat Market and Downtown Butchery in Manzini.

Residents of Nhlangano have applauded the EMI’s impeccable vision of expansion as it also creates employment opportunities for residents. The establishment of the shop has created a buzz of positivity and optimism, as residents recognize the potential for economic growth and development that comes with EMI’s presence. Shongwe said that they partnered with young people whom they employed. She explained that those hired may not be permanent employees but they might be considered for long-term employment.

“If you can remember, when we opened Eswatini Mobile, we used agents whom at a later stage we hired on a full-time basis. We believe that we will use the same method here at EMI,” commented the Manager. The addition of the Nhlangano Embiveni shop signifies the continuous growth and success of EMI under the ownership and management of Inyatsi Group Holdings.

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Inyatsi Group Holdings Executive Committee was present during the opening. The Executive included Executive Chairman Michelo Shakantu, Investment Cluster CEO Paul Lwiindi, Inyatsi Construction CEO Derrick Shiba and Datum Corporate Services CEO Sydney Sichula. Inyatsi’s commitment to expansion demonstrates its dedication to meeting the needs and demands of customers across the country and internationally.

EMI has a reputation for quality and reliability which has only been solidified by the opening of this third new shop, further cementing its position as a leading player in the meat industry. According to Shongwe, the company will open more shops in adherence to decentralising its services to all emaSwati.

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