King’s dream of turning Hlane into a bustling cultural town coming true

…as construction of E200 million Hlane Roadside Motel well underway

An artist’s impression of the motel and cultural town.

By Phephile Motau

In three years, Hlane is projected to emerge as one of the country’s hives of economic activity. In ensuring this becomes a possible mission, state-of-the-art developments are already underway while others are yet to be embarked upon.

Among the planned developments is the E200 million Hlane Roadside Motel which is already under construction. The other two developments highly expected to take shape within the next three years are a Theme Park and a Hotel, all of which would be constructed through private investments. These projects will bring quite a significant number of jobs which could not be ascertained for now.

Consequently, this will make the dream of turning Hlane into a cultural town come true. The area is strategically placed very close to the King Mswati III International Airport and the host of the Second Leg of the Buganu, which attracts hordes of emaSwati and tourists alike every year.

The Hlane Roadside Motel, which when complete will also have a filling station constructed close by, is being constructed by Construction Associates (CA), and MA Dlamini Consulting Engineers are the project managers. It is one of the sites which were visited by His Majesty King Mswati III during his stay at the Hlane Royal Residence after the Buganu Ceremony.

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CA, which is a subsidiary of Inyatsi Group Holding is currently involved in the construction of other major projects in the country including the International Convention Centre (ICC), the ESCCOM Headquarters both at Ezulwini and the Matsapha Lifestyle Centre to mention only a few.

The Hlane Roadside Motel

The motel will be a double-storey building with 42 rooms, including six executive suites and double and single rooms. It will also have a conference centre, a restaurant which will be able to hold 80 people in one sitting, a pool area and a bar area. Further developments will include a shopping complex and additional residential units.

Managing Director of Inyatsi Construction Sandile Mhlanga said the motel’s grey box, which includes the construction up to the roof would be complete by August, and then the company which will deal with the interior will then take over.

Currently, the project has also created jobs for over 60 people from the area who have been employed since it began. Mhlanga went on to say that this is just the first phase of the project, and the filling station would be constructed in the second phase which would probably begin next year.

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According to the MD, the project had been slightly delayed due to the heavy rains experienced in the country recently. His Majesty King Mswati III, when speaking during the Buganu Ceremony at Hlane said such events are the catalyst to development in rural areas and Hlane would also be soon developed just like Buhleni which is now bustling with activity.

Construction work currently underway.

The other projects in the pipeline include a stadium to be constructed at the arena which lutsango used for the first time this year. The government has set aside E20 million for this financial year for the construction of the stadium. Other new developments include a clinic and a school. The area is also close to the Hlane Royal National Park which will soon be part of Big 5 Game Park.

The Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Moses Vilakati confirmed the developments which will be taking place in the area. He said the other hotel would be bigger than the roadside motel and there would also be a theme park, that would be developed by private businesses. Vilakati said it was once declared that Hlane would be a cultural town, and now that dream is coming true.

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