Msandi Kababa’s new album connects listeners spiritually

Poet and praise singer Msandi KaBaba

By Bahle Gama

Poet and praise singer Msandi KaBaba says his soon-to-be-released album ‘My spiritual journey’ is meant to connect with listeners spiritually.

Set to be released on April 15, the album recorded by Msandi has nine tracks and has been in the works for over a year and four months. In response to what inspired the album, Msandi stated that he turned 40 last year and as a spiritual person, he felt that it was time to sit down and find his purpose, having felt like he has not lived up to what God instilled in him.

“I want to use my talent and uplift people’s spirits closer to God. As a spiritual being, I have always believed that the world is like that too, therefore when planning this project, the first thing that came to mind was in line with speaking about my spiritual journey and connecting with people spiritually,” he said.

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He further stated that throughout the project, he had been fasting and praying to God for guidance and to convey through him whatever messages that need to be passed on to the world, “and I asked him to give me authority and wisdom to compose content that will benefit his purpose through me.”

Poet and praise singer Msandi KaBaba

Msandi stated that of the nine songs in the album, four were recorded here in Eswatini at Dem Dem Studios, and five in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. David Segal, a Durban-based music producer, mastered the whole album which also comprises five gospel and four traditional songs.

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He further disclosed that one of the songs titled ‘Leli LeMaswati’ is about the history of Eswatini migrating from Embo mountains of Lubombo and another titled ‘The Kings’ speaks of King Mswati III, King Misuzulu and King Mabhoko from the Ndebele.

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Another song titled ‘Ungangishiyi’ was written by a South African named Ngcobo and gospel singer Malusi Mbokazi. Msandi mentioned that this will be his first album to be available on all online platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and many others. CDs will also be sold through all the Pick n Pay chains stores around the kingdom.

“This is more of an international project as it also includes a Swahili singer from the DRC,” he said.

The poet added that local musicians must work with musicians from other nations because that is how one grows and it increases exposure, and “opens up opportunities for sharing your music with a wider audience.”

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