Oath of allegiance should be respected at all times – AG

MP David ‘Cruiser’ Ngcamphalala taking the oath of allegiance as Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo swears him in.

By Bahle Gama

Attorney General (AG) Sifiso Khumalo says the Oath of Allegiance should always be respected. Khumalo led the swearing-in of the 69 Members of Parliament as part of Section 128 of the Constitution. “I swear that I will be trustworthy, I will serve King Mswati, his heirs, and his successors, following the law, so help me God,” they each said.

The AG said the oath played the role of guiding those who take it and they ought to understand its meaning to the work they have been called to do.
The swearing-in ceremony follows after the secondary elections concluded on September 29 whereby 59 were elected to Parliament in the respective constituencies. Of the 69 MPs, 10 were appointed by His Majesty King Mswati III.

Speaking during an interview, Mbabane East MP Welcome Dlamini said being sworn-in as an MP for the first time was surreal and voting for a speaker was phenomenal. The oath itself speaks to us and you get to realize the responsibility that has been bestowed upon you by the electorate. Because when you swear your allegiance to the King and country, that is when you realize that this is a serious responsibility, that needs to be carried out diligently and honestly.

Hhukwini MP Alec Lushaba said in response to how he felt after being sworn in, Lushaba said it was an amazing experience but could not dwell much on that because it is by God’s grace and the doing of people at Hhukwini, deeming him fit to represent and further ensure to improve the community. Sigwe MP David ‘Cruiser’ Ngcamphalala promised to bring forth good values into this term of public service following his re-election. He said elections require someone who puts

God first and one who must work with the nation and love the young and old. “This work is about love and respect above everything else,” he said. MP Mabulala Maseko extended appreciation to his constituency for trusting him to serve for a third consecutive term. He said this meant that they work together with people, collaborate, and share the same dreams, which he said makes him happy because it presents him the opportunity to learn and grow further. “The less you know then the less effective you will be in legislation development, or social issues which affect your community,” said Maseko.

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