Shinley delivers epic performance at Open Mic

Afro-soul, house, amapiano, and R&B singer Shinley Green

By Bahle Gama

Afro-soul, house, amapiano, and R&B singer Shinley Green gave a phenomenal performance at 23:28 lounge on Wednesday night.

Shinley, original name Nothando Mamba, was performing during an open mic session hosted at the longue which saw patrons unable to stay put in their seats as they jammed through the session.

The music star performed five songs which she said were part of an Extended Play (EP). The first song was titled, “Life” followed by “Ngisetsandvweni” both of which had attendees in their feelings for a minute or so.

She further performed “Live Limtsatsile” and “Follow me”, songs that had patrons dancing up a storm on the floor. In an interview after the performance, Shinley stated that she was humbled by the opportunity to perform the songs because it gave her a chance to see whether what she is cooking in the studio is the right ‘recipe’.

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“All the songs performed are new and this show has allowed me the opportunity to determine whether I’m on the right path or need to change my recipe,” she said.

In response to whether fans should expect an album soon, she stated that not yet as she was getting back on her feet, having left the company that was representing her and opted to be independent.

“For now, I think I will just release singles. I don’t want to promise an album lest I’m unable to meet a deadline and find myself under pressure. Having left the production company I was with, I have a lot that I need to put into order, but an album will come eventually, just not yet,” she said.

According to her profile, she is influenced by her experiences and people in her life. She started her music career in the Kingdom of Eswatini, in 2012.

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She performs afro soul, house, amapiano, and R&B music and has worked with Emaswati artists such as C2K, Skhubash, Pro Mhlo, Mofire, and Key 2 Key. She has shared a stage with Kwesta, Fifi Cooper, Ami Faku, Sjava, Bholoja, and Sands, to name a few.

In 2018, she worked with a record company called Alfa Media, taking her abilities to a new level, where she was given a platform to work with major South African artists such as Lady Zamar, and Mlindo the Vocalist.
Shinely is also an entrepreneur that values independence and using creativity to bring life-changing solutions.

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