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The Clinic Group and Lidwala Health Staff at the Matsapha Link for the Health Corner Community Outreach.

By Staff Reporter

The Clinic Group this week took its services to the community of Matsapha where it provided numerous services for people as they went about their day-to-day shopping activities.

On Friday, the Group collaborated with Lidwala Health at the Matsapha Link as part of the Health Corner Community Outreach.
Dr William Tsikisayi said the Clinic Group is an integrated Health Care Provider which is deeply rooted in servicing all communities, including those who can’t make it to the actual healthcare centres.

“As The Clinic Group, we are of the understanding that a healthy nation directly contributes to the economy of Eswatini. We are interested and determined to cultivate a culture of health proactiveness in emaSwati,” he said.

Tsikisayi said they have embarked on a wellness campaign that takes them to the people, The Health Corner Campaign. He said the initiative is meant to promote wellness amongst emaSwati and “give a remarkable experience because we understand that good health is not just physical but extends to a person’s mental and emotional state.”

“Today we held the first Health Corner experience at the Matsapha Link shopping complex. We performed a series of medical tests for free to everyone who walked in and out of the complex. The free tests included BMI, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, HIV, and free doctor consultations. Our doctors were also able to prescribe and give out free medications such as Cough Syrup, BP tablets, Asthma Spray, Mayogel and Painkillers,” Dr Tsikisayi said.

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He added that understanding that health does not start and end with just one clinical interaction, they partnered with Lidwala Health in the initiative.
Lidwala Health is a medical aid that is equally anchored on wellness with medical covers from E 200 up to premium cutting across all income streams with a very generous savings wallet and benefits. Inclusive are over-the-counter medication, dental, maternity, Optometry, Ambulance and funeral benefits.

Dr Tsikisayi further stated that The Health Corner also allows the Clinic Group to educate the public about the offerings and specialists that operate in their various health facilities in Mbabane, Matsapha and Manzini.

“We have an array of specialists ranging from, Ears, Nose and throat specialists, dermatologists, and pediatrics who pay attention to children’s health from the infant stage into adolescence. We have a cardiologist, Urologist, gynaecologist with special interests in obstetrics and Dietitian who provides dietary guidelines for chronic or no chronic conditions, and weight management to name a few.

There are also a couple of surgeons such as vascular surgeons, dental surgeons, neurosurgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons,” he said. The Clinic Group is continuing to break new grounds daily, building on the successful first-of-its-kind 18-hour surgery in Eswatini.

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