BIG BROTHER TITBITS: A week of great wins, cuddles, and shocking exits

Evicted members of the Big Brother Titans House

By Ntombi Mhlongo

The past few days have been characterised by great wins inside the Big Brother Titans House.

First, it was Ebubu’s show as he shot his way to the finals. He is now guaranteed to compete in the finals and is proving to be a hot contender for the big prize.

Blaqboi also scored himself a great win after being named the Head of House, a well-deserved win for him especially because he triumphed in a rather challenging game where the trick was to get a black cup into the bottom of a stack as fast as possible.

Also, the stakes were much higher in this game after Big Brother announced that the Head of the House will not get the usual veto privilege. It was interesting to see that after winning the Head of House, Blaqboi went into work mode and made it a point that he encouraged the rest of the housemates to follow, and this demonstrated that he does have a good leadership style.

Also of interest in the past few days is that we saw kisses flying everywhere in Biggie’s House. It was a strong wave of smooches and cuddles among the housemates including Kanaga Junior and Tsatsi who started with a sweet conversation about hair and then got into a sweet embrace.

There was also a scene where Ipeleng teased Miracle OP with a kiss while she told him to refrain from touching her when she set her rules.
She made it known that to get cuddles from her, Miracle OP needed to follow her rules.

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And as expected, Khosi and Thabang also had their moments of cuddles and this made viewers wonder if this is the beginning of a potential relationship judging from the fact that she is currently bored and lonely following the exit of Yemi.

The cuddling between Khosi and Thabang came just after there had been a bit of tension between them. But the most interesting thing for the millions of viewers was the eviction where three housemates ended up exiting the show.

One of those evicted is Miracle OP, who many have concluded must have been the most stubborn housemate ever. It was nice to see him showing a happy face and love for his fans as he came out of the house. Also evicted was Blue Aiva and most viewers will miss her drama.

She proved to be a housemate who had interesting content and entertained the viewers whenever she showed up on the dancefloor during the Saturday parties. As for Nana, her eviction did not come as a surprise at all. If there is a housemate who did not deserve to be in the house for long then it has to be Nana.

She only survived because of the pairing where Thabang carried her for days. She proved how disconnected she has been from the rest of the housemates when she avoided hugging them on her way out of the house.


*The favourite, Khosi, proved that she supports her female housemates when she came through for Nana who was seemingly struggling with words of affirmation for herself.

*Kanaga Jnr and Justine won a task, however, due to Kanaga Jnr’s unfair advantage, Big Brother revoked his prize and he got cautioned alongside Tsatsi, Ipeleng, Thabang, and Miracle OP for not following the task rules.

*The eviction of Miracle OP was yet another blow for Ipeleng. It is like every male housemate she gets close with ends up being evicted.

*The fact that Big Brother ended up evicting only three housemates was a blessing in disguise for Kanaga Jr. Had Big Brother evicted four housemates then he would have been evicted. It was quite interesting that he made it to the Top 4 which proved what an unpredictable show it is.

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